My Top 100 Movies (in no particular order)

22/100: Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along BIog

Joss Whedon makes my life happy when he does anything, and this one is freaking incredible.  Nathan Fillion is hysterical, as is NPH and everyone else in this movie!  I love me some crazy musicals!  And this is the mother load!  By the way if anyone has not watched Commentary! the Musical, they should because it is amazing!

"Now the nightmare’s real. Now Dr. Horrible is here, to make you quake with fear."

"That was the thing I was most excited about with the film, was to get back with this group of people that I genuinely adore, and genuinely respect. Not to toot anybody’s horns but I think they’re some of the most talented actors that I’ve ever worked with. It’s funny because we’ll go crying because we’re laughing so hard. And then the cameras roll and everyone’s so professional and makes their choices and works incredibly hard."
- Sean Maher

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