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Comic Con:

knock knock


who's there

Comic Con:

not you lol

Give me a shot at the night, give me a moment.


A user on Vimeo has uploaded the uncut version of the ‘Shot at the Night’ promo video The Killers recorded for use during the 2014 NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament.

The text at the beginning of this video indicates that this is the uncut version that was not for air.  Presumably, this is the video editors worked with when splicing in highlights from the NCAA tournament.

Taken from a Killers community.

I’m all about this song.


because I was there. (by OFTO)


because I was there. (by OFTO)


H O W L ' S  M O V I N G  C A S T L E + B A C O N  &  E G G S

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Don’t break character, you’ve got a lot of heart.

» Nerd HQ 2014 Panels The Nerd Machine

These panels are insane. Zachary Levi, Craig Ferguson, Seth Green, the cast of Let’s Be Cops, the cast of the Walking Dead, Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, and Joss Whedon. 


Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver (1976).

Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011).

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